Complex Diamond Models with Maximum Accuracy and Safety

NesCut Lasers – Complex Diamond Models with Maximum Accuracy and Safety

By Rachel Lieberman

Nessi Shimony is a second-generation diamantaire. His father, Amos, is a veteran member of the Israeli Diamond Industry who handed the management of the company’s manufacturing department over to his son. About a year and a half ago, Nessi opened the company’s laser department.
Why a laser department? When Nessi, a computer engineer by profession, first set out to manufacture complex diamond models, he noticed that there was a dire need in the industry for such intricate and meticulous work. As someone who learned all about diamonds on his father’s knee and is well acquainted with all of the stages of diamond polishing, he decided to specialize in laser. Armed with all of this knowledge, as well as extensive technological skills, he built two unique laser systems specifically for sawing highly complex models.

“In addition to my training as a computer engineer, I am also a certified diamond setter and a graphic artist. Thanks to my comprehensive vision, from the beginning of the manufacturing process up to the actual setting, I am able to advise clients on the most profitable way to cut their diamonds. Through the use of the sophisticated technology that I developed, I help diamond manufacturers and jewelers to construct complex models with the utmost accuracy.”

Nessi describes the process: “The jewelry item’s planning is based on special graphic and design software. With this software it is possible to build a mosaic of diamonds for mounting in the jewelry piece. I meticulously cut the diamond model, which is composed of precise angles and arcs that complement each other in the mosaic. The stone can be cut in its rough or polished form. In addition, the stones can be cut in pairs or as highly accurate series.”

Nessi works mainly with diamond manufacturers, watch manufacturers and local jewelers, and just recently sent his first project overseas. He intends to expand his business abroad.

Some companies hesitate to go into complex models due to the high costs of developing models and adapting them to laser systems. Nessi stresses: “I handle the development of the models and their adaptation to the laser system absolutely free of cost.”

In addition to its specialization in complex models, the company also offers standard laser services in the industry such as laser sawing, holes, depressions, cleaving and marking.

Nessi summarizes: “My company is very dynamic. I can state with great satisfaction that to date I have always been able to meet all of my customers’ diverse specifications in the area of laser with great success, and I promise there is much more to come…”

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