Laser Sawing

Sawing with a laser has many unique advantages over regular sawing:
The laser can saw the diamond from any needed and wanted angle by the customer, there is no problem that the laser can’t over come, like: Nad, Flach, Hain vox, and more.

The laser saws in a micron precision, while keeping low and minimal loss percentage, the sawing is done smoothly through the whole sawing surface.

Each stone that gets to the factory goes through a check up with a professional Polarization tool, which was specially imported from Germany, The Polarization tool gives us important information, if the stone has unexplained pressure inside,we can see where is the pressure with the human eye, and in this way it permits us to decide decisions, which will keep the structure of the diamond and will prevent damages to the diamond.

The company’s laser services have unique protections, which avoid damage to the stone during its manufacture.

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