Model cutting with the laser

Cutting models with a laser has big advantages on making it with a worker.
With the lasers help we cut all the models that exist in the market, like: Hearts, Emerald, Hexagon, Oval, Pears, Marquise, Stars of David, Stars, Trapez, Triangle, Square and more…..

Cutting with a laser enables you to build the stone by the customer’s needs, with the help of the advanced optical system, defects in the diamond can be spotted, (for example Gletz, Pikes, bubbles) and then we can mark the wanted model of the stone while neutralizing the problems.

In all the new laser systems you can see the diamond on a LCD screen on the system’s computer, in a huge resolution, and in that way you can set the stones model with a micron precision on the diamond surface.

Thanks to the high precision and the perfect symmetry, of the computer system, you can get to maximum exploitation of the diamond and creating a perfect model, a fact that allows us low and minimal loss percentage.

Of course that the computer systems offer you the option, to create perfect couples with a micron precision and as well a whole set of identical stones in its structure, arches, length and width.

As well, it is possible to cut a big amount of stones in less time, while keeping the security of the diamond.

Cutting models can be done on Raf stones, on opened stones, and also on polished stones that the customer wants to change its models, or to fit it for pairs.

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