Lasers Service

 1. Model cutting with the laser

    Thanks to the high precision and the perfect symmetry, of the computer system, you can get to maximum exploitation of the diamond and  creating a perfect  model. Cutting models can be done on Raf stones, on opened stones, and also on polished stones that the customer wants to change its models, or to fit it for pairs.

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  2. Laser Sawing

   The laser can saw the diamond from any needed and wanted angle by the customer, there is no problem that the laser can’t over come. The company’s laser services have unique protections, which avoid damage to the stone during its manufacture.

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  3. Holes and dimples on diamonds

   With the lasers system’s help you can make a hole or a dimple in the diamond, by what the customer requires. The sawing of the hole can be done in polished stones or Raf stones.

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  4. Marking models with a laser

   With the lasers system we can mark the wanted model on a stone surface !!!

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